Recommended autumn tourism destinations in Jilin, 09 11, 2020
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Recommended destinations for water views

Changchun city: Jingyuetan National Scenic Area, Beilu Lake National Wetland Park, Water Culture Ecological Park, Xiangling Park, and Shuangqing Lake Scenic Area

Jilin city: Songhua Lake Scenic Area and Vanke Songhua Lake Resort

Siping city: Yitong Dagu Mountain Scenic Area and Yijiangshan Island Battle Memorial Park

Liaoyuan city: Jiangcheng Forest Botanical Park

Tonghua city: Yalu River Scenic Belt, Yunfeng Lake Tourist Area, Diaoshuihu Waterfall, Qianye Lake Scenic Area

Baishan city: Baishan Lake Scenic Area

Songyuan city: Chagan Lake Tourist Area

Baicheng city: Xianghai National Nature Reserve and Niuxintaobao National Wetland Park in Da’an

Meihekou city: Hailong Lake Scenic Area, Urban Living Room Scenic Area and the People’s Park

Recommended destinations for watching red leaves

Changchun city: Changchun World Sculpture Park and Nanhu Lake Park

Jilin city: Red Rock National Forest Park in Huadian

Liaoyuan city: Red Leaves Mountain Forest Park

Tonghua city: Yuhuang Mountain Park and Sifangdeng Scenic Area

Baishan city: Changbai Mountain International Resort and Changbai Mountain International Hunting Resort

Yanbian prefecture: Hangcongling Red Tourism Area in Dunhua and Fangchuan National Scenic Area

Changbai Mountain area: Erdao Baihe Famous Tourism Town

Recommended destinations for viewing rural sceneries

Changchun city: Tianding Mountain Holiday Town, Liaohua Island Movie and TV Leisure and Cultural Park, Ma’anshan scenic villages in Jiutai district, Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring, Manshanli Camp Complex and Liao and Jin Cultural Park in Nong’an county

Jilin city: Shengxin Chateau, North Latitude 44° Jinzhu Flower Sea Leisure and Agricultural Tourism Area, Hantun village, Manchu township, Wula street, Longtan district, Fujiang Flower Sea, Beiguo Zhicun Holiday Village, Yangyi Mountain Resort, Furao Farm, Wujia Mountain Forest Park, Rural Lifestyle Holiday Forest Park, Yilin Mountain Village in Fengman district, Mingfeng Eco-Holiday Village in Huadian

Siping city: Peace Blossom Leisure Center in Yitong township and Yilegu Rural Tourism Holiday Area

Liaoyuan city: Chaoyang Village Characteristic Village Tourist Area and Forest Villa

Tonghua city: Gongmi Town, Zhenguo Health Valley No.1 Manor

Baishan city: Wanlin Baihui Garden, Airen Health Town in Jingyu county

Songyuan city: Xinmiao Fishing and Hunting Tribe Homestay Services

Baicheng city: Chaganhaote Tourism Area; Hujiatun Eco Park and Lvye Eco Farm

Yanbian city: Hongqi village in Antu county, Daguandong Cultural Park in Changbai Mountain area, Songhua Korean Village; No. 1 Village in Changbai Mountain, Guangdong Korean Village, Jindalai Folk Village, Yanming Lakeside Village; Yanming Island Fishing Playground

Recommended destinations for enjoying flowers and mountain views

Changchun city: Shenlufeng Tourism Area

Jilin city: Lafa Mountain National Forest Park in Jiaohe, Zhuque Mountain National Forest Park, and Beishan Mountain Scenic Area

Siping city: Yimashan Forest Park in Shuangliao

Tonghua city: Wunv Peak National Forest Park, Baiji Peak National Forest Park, Longwanqun National Forest Park and Luotong Mountain Scenic Area

Baishan city: Changbai Mountain Luneng Shengdi International Resort, Changbai Mountain Wangtian’e Scenic Area and Linjiang Xigu

Yanbian city: Laobaishan Virgin Ecology Scenic Area, Weihuling Forest Park in Dunhua, Xianfeng National Forest Park, Liuding Mountain Cultural and Tourism Area in Dunhua and Piyan Mountain Cultural and Tourism Area

Changbai Mountain area; northern, western and southern scenic areas of Changbai Mountain

Meihekou city: Wukui Mountain Scenic Area and Jiguan Mountain National Forest Park

Recommended cultural destinations

Changchun city: Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchu State

Jilin city: Beidahu Ski Resort

Siping city: Siping Battle Memorial Hall and Yehe Nara Town

Meihekou city: Cuanjie Food City and Nuoya New Land