Jilin Provincial Library applauded for extraordinary services to provincial 'two sessions'

China.org.cn, 02 19, 2021
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Jilin Provincial Library, led by the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, provided information services for Jilin's provincial "two sessions" - the annual meetings of provincial-level lawmakers and political advisors in Jilin, from January 25 to 27, based on its strengths in resources and professionals.

This year marked the tenth consecutive year the provincial library had delivered information sessions for the "two sessions."

In line with local epidemic prevention and control requirements, the library, unlike previous years, turn all its services online this year, answering the needs of lawmakers and political advisors for information, literature and electronic books, newspapers and journals.

Focusing on national development strategies and in accordance with Jilin's provincial conditions, the library proposed 12 themes for information services, eight of which were chosen after communication with the information center of the Jilin provincial people's congress, including "ensuring stability on the six fronts and security in the six areas", "poverty alleviation", "public health", "governance with laws", "business environment", and "digital Jilin".

Under the eight themes, the library organized professionals to compile information, which was then delivered to the lawmakers and political advisors online after rounds of editing and proofreading.

Besides, before, during and after the "two sessions," the library provided public opinion analysis services with four reports.

The library's services were widely recognized and applauded among relevant officials, lawmakers and political advisors, including the general office of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress which wrote a letter of thanks to the library.