Jilin and Xinjiang jointly promote high-quality development of ice and snow industry

China.org.cn, 04 15, 2021
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A symposium on the building of an experimental zone to promote high-quality development of China's ice and snow industry along the Changbai Mountains and Altay Mountains was recently held in the Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone, Jilin province.

Alken Tuniaz, vice chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and A Dong, deputy governor of Jilin province, attended the symposium.

A Dong said that to promote Jilin and Xinjiang to jointly build the experimental zone and carry out comprehensive,  in-depth strategic cooperation is a pragmatic measure to turn their advantages in ice and snow resources into industrial, competitive and development advantages.

A Dong called on the two sides to quicken the formulation of the plan for the experimental zone and carry out multi-level, wide-range and diverse cooperation to enhance cooperation level, pursue pragmatic results, upgrade the regional ice and snow industry, achieve cluster development and actively work for the goal of 300 million people participating in ice and snow sports.

Alken Tuniaz also called for quickening the formulation of the plan for the experimental zone. Besides, he urged efforts to: speed up the construction of ice and snow sports venues, design high-quality tour routes, and promote the rapid development of ice and snow tourism; develop ice and snow sports, accelerate the development of competitive ice and snow sports, and hold more ice and snow sports events; push forward the application for cultural heritage designation, boost the development of ice and snow culture, and create ice and snow festival brands; vigorously develop ice and snow equipment manufacturing, ice and snow commerce, ice and snow think tanks, ice and snow finance and ice and snow marketing, strenghten the cultivation of ice and snow talents, and promote high-quality development of the ice and snow economy in Xinjiang and Jilin.

Before the symposium, participants from both sides visited the northern scenic area of Changbai Mountain to learn about ice and snow resources and the standardization of scenic area construction.

(translated from an article on China Travel News)