Jilin launches 107 featured tourism products ahead of May Day holiday

China.org.cn, 04 29, 2021
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To encourage tourism consumption in Jilin during the upcoming May Day holiday, Jilin launched 107 featured tourism products recently.

The products covered a wide range of tour types, including hot spring tour, parachute gliding tour, Wuhu Island sightseeing sour and red tourism tour.

Among the 64 tour packages on offer are 2-day tour of relics of the Liao and Jin dynasties, one-day red tour in Siping, tour to Longwan, lake and grassland tour, and Changbai Mountain hot spring tour.

In addition, during the holiday, 60 festivals will be held across Jilin, such as the 8th Sheling Strawberry and Hot Spring Tourism Festival, the Tumenling Edible Wild Herbs Festival, the Xiangyi Mountain Villa Fish Festival, and the Longjing City Apple and Pear Blossom Festival.

Many preferential measures will be adopted for the holiday, including free or discounted tickets.

The launch of the featured tour products was designed to increase tour products supply during the holiday, inject vigor to the local tourism market, boost the confidence of the tourism industry and promote the recovery and high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry.