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Peking Opera plays from Jilin shown on CCTV

In the past more than one month, the charm of Peking Opera from Jilin was once again presented to nationwide fans as outstanding plays performed by the Peking Opera unit of the Jilin Provincial Traditional Opera Theatre were shown on CCTV.

On July 11, Ni Maocai, director of the Jilin Provincial Traditional Opera Theatre and a famous artist of the Gao School of Peking Opera, discussed the creation and highlights of modern Peking Opera play Yang Jingyu at a CCTV traditional Peking Opera program on July 11. He also performed one typical excerpt of the play during the program.


On August 4, another CCTV program showed the play in full. On August 11 and 13, two more plays, adapted from two Gao School classics Sun An's Memorial to the Throne and The Gift—a Silk Robe, were shown on the same program.

Yang Jingyu, a work with key provincial support, has been performed at many major national art festivals, including the 7th China Peking Opera Art Festival, the 14th China Traditional Opera Festival and the 11th Shanghai International Art Festival.


Sun An's Memorial to the Throne is a representative work of Ni Maocai, which has won the first prize at the 5th China Peking Opera Art Festival, and been included into the national program for supporting excellent stage art works. For his extraordinary performance in this play, Ni won the 24th Plum Performance Award and the Leading Character Award of the 20th Shanghai Magnolia Drama Award. In 2016, the play was adapted to a traditional opera film.


The Gift—a Silk Robe, an adapted version of the Gao School classic of the same name by the Peking Opera unit of Jilin Traditional Opera Theatre, was once supported by the China Peking Opera Art Foundation. It is now among the works of the unit that have been included in the national program of video and audio recording of Peking Opera classics.



In recent years, the plays of the unit have been shown to national audience on CCTV for many times, which proves to be an effective way to promote Jilin's local culture and increase its influence.