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Intangible cultural heritages of Dongliao county exhibited at Jilin Provincial Library

Sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, an exhibition of Dongliao county's cultural heritages kicked off at the Jilin Provincial Library on September 30.


Over 150 works went on show, covering more than 10 intangible cultural heritages of Dongliao, including bow and arrow making, Manchu paper cutting, gourd painting, fish bone pictures, corn straw pictures, burnt pictures, dough sculptures and wooden sculptures.


Guard painting and dough sculpture making skills were displayed on the spot by artists of the trades.


Dongliao county is where the Dongliao River originates. With an abundance of cultural heritages, the county has been honored as a National-level Culturally Advanced County, the Town of Song and Dance Duet and the Town of Papercutting. Boasting 18 intangible cultural heritages, Dongliao has seen its cultural industry generating both good economic and social benefits.


The exhibition was expected to help better pass down Dongliao's folk culture, accelerate the growth of the local cultural industry, promote rural cultural vitalization and help Dongliao explore a new path of rural cultural development.


The exhibition also represented the effort of Jilin to promote the integrated development of culture and tourism and let farmers enjoy the benefits of the integration.


As a public cultural service provider, the Jilin Provincial Library has long been exploring new ways of promoting rural vitalization, as shown by the exhibition.