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Jilin Provincial Library holds symposium on traditional festivals

The Jilin Provincial Library held a symposium on Jilin's traditional festivals on December 21.


Sixteen experts and scholars, from the Jilin Provincial Library, the Jilin Folk Literature and Art Association, the Jilin Provincial Research Association on the History and Culture of Northeast China, the History and Culture School of Changchun Normal University, and the Wenjing Academy of the Jilin Provincial Library, attended the symposium.


Eight of the participants shared their research results on the occasion on various topics such as the features and cultural dimension of Jilin's traditional festivals.


In their extensive and in-depth exchanges, participants also discussed the origin and features of the Spring Festival in northeast China, the Double Ninth Festival, and the relations between traditional festivals and social life, etc.


The symposium is part of the efforts by the Jilin Provincial Library to fully play its role as a place to provide lifetime education to the public. By mobilizing non-government resources, the library has effectively spread traditional Chinese culture by hosting exhibitions, lectures and reader activities and through activities organized by its Wenjing Academy. It hoped that the regional culture of northeast China can be better known by the general public by providing a platform for experts and scholars to share their academic research results.