Jilin vigorously promotes ice and snow tourism through snow expo

China.org.cn, 12 31, 2021
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The 6th Jilin International Ice and Snow Industry Expo opened in Tonghua city on December 17-19. To further build up the brand of the expo and tap the opportunities it brought to Jilin's ice and snow tourism, the Jilin Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has made careful plans in advance to ensure media coverage of the expo.


Before and during the opening of the event, a total of eight press releases were published together with three pieces of photo and video news materials. Incomplete statistics showed that so far media reports about the expo had exceeded 5,000 pieces.


In addition, six media outlets provided live broadcast of the opening ceremony, attracting over 2 million views. New media accounts promoting tourism in Jilin published 48 text and photo articles, with a total of some 800,000 views. Short video accounts promoting tourism in Jilin released 34 short videos about the expo, watched by over 700,000 people.


Also, over 20 tourism officials, experts, representatives of the ski resort alliance, professional skiers, and tourists received media interviews to tell the "ice and snow" stories of Jilin.


Special coverages were also launched on news apps, featuring comprehensive and in-depth reports about the event.


Another highlight was a "hashtag challenge" on social media platforms, where social media users published content with the designated hashtag "A Desirable Winter in Jilin." On the opening day, over 100,000 short videos about ice and snow in Jilin were published with the hashtag, played for over one billion times. By December 21, short videos published with the hashtag received 2.9 billion views.