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Jilin: a wonderful place to experience the sports of Beijing 2022

Jilin, a northeast China province, has made intensified efforts in 2021 to achieve the goal of building tourism into a one-trillion-yuan industry during the 2021-2025 period.


To achieve the goal, it has adopted a high-quality development strategy and taken a slew of measures. Following are some of the major efforts.


It has invited renowned cultural and tourism enterprises from around China to gather together to contribute ideas to Jilin's tourism development and encouraged the flow of financial resources to the cultural and tourism industry.


2021 marked the centenary of the CPC, and Jilin held a series of thematic activities to celebrate the centenary.


The province also made the development of an ice and snow economy a top priority. By seizing the opportunities brough about by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, it has launched new ice and snow produces, organized the "A Desirable Winter in Jilin" series of activities, and held the 6th Jilin International Ice and Snow Industry Expo both online and offline.


Besides, it has made great efforts to further integrate culture and tourism, to protect the environment while developing eco-tourism, and to revitalize the rural areas through tourism development.