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​Symposium to boost creative cultural products of museums held in Yanji city

In accordance with national and provincial guidelines to promote the development of creative cultural products, the Jilin Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration and the Publicity Department of the CPC Yanbian Prefectural Committee held a symposium to pool ideas on how museums can better develop creative cultural products in Yanji city on January 14.


An official from the Jilin Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration spoke highly of the efforts the Jilin Provincial Association of Museums had made in recent years to facilitate the integration of culture and tourism, and hoped that the symposium would serve as a stimulus for museums to develop more and better creative cultural products.


A publicity official of the Yanbian prefecture introduced the state and characteristics of the prefecture's cultural industry, and invited participants to make suggestions on how Yanbian can do a better job in terms of creative cultural products.


An official from the Chinese Museums Association offered an interpretation of national and Jilin's provincial policies on creative cultural products, followed by keynote speeches and lively discussions by participating experts.


Officials from Liaoning Provincial Museum, Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, Gansu Provincial Museum and Erdos City Museum among other cultural institutions introduced their respective practices to put in pace national policies, and shared their views on how to solve existing problems hindering the development of creative cultural products such as a lack of creative ideas, wrong market positioning, no incentive measures, etc.


Participants agreed that to better develop creative cultural products, museums needed to emancipate minds, attract non-governmental resources, pursue distinctive designs, and offer incentives to attract talented people.


Representatives of two famous cultural enterprises also shared their experience in developing creative cultural products at the event.


At a time of integrated cultural and tourism development, creative cultural products are not only cultural products but also tourism products, said an official of the Jilin Provincial Museum.


He called upon museums, as important organizations for cultural and tourism integration, to deeply tap into their cultural resources and develop creative cultural products with artistic, practical and educational value, which would help drive cultural and tourism integration at a higher level and across a broader scope.